Inline Comments

WordPress Plugin by Kevin Weber

The freshest way to discuss: comment inline.

Inline Comments adds your comment system to the side of paragraphs and other sections (like headlines and images) of your post.

It performs native with WordPress comments.

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Inspired from the best, designed for WordPress and you.

You may know notes and annotations from or Quartz. It feels like commenting in Microsoft Word, it goes easy and fast.

Thousands of people love inline comments.

Add comment beside paragraph

Better reference to statements.

With this plugin commentators can better refer to specific paragraphs or statements in an article.

Furthermore, readers can comment while reading (and don’t have to scroll to the very bottom). They can even discuss existing annotations.

Comment wrapper appears beside paragraph

Full control with options panel.

Customise your styling with the plugin’s options panel. For example, you can insert CSS selectors in order to decide where the comment bubbles should be displayed.

WordPress admin options

Trusted by professors and professionals.

Hundreds of sites use Inline Comments to discuss papers, magazine articles and conference topics. For example, United Nations Global Pulse used it for a 48-hour consultation. What’s your story?

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Perhaps one of the biggest problems with comments is that they’re appended to the bottom of a post, left as an afterthought. … Inline comments offer a solution to this problem.
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