Gedicht: Again – When – Tired – Hired – F**KING [by Wolfi]

English. Again
Gonna ask me when
I am not that tired
why my brain hired
a non-German again
Gonna tell you then
That I was just tired
and thats why i hired
a non-German again.
Its the old topic, then
That I am tired
of life. I hired
games to deflect, again
And I realized then
That I am tired
of all these. So I hired
a guy, to deflect. But again
I realized that I am only happy when
I am bored of Facebook, tired
but a post of you hired
my brain to attention again
And that was the point when
I realized that I fucking miss you and I fucking want to see you again since fucking nothing aint that satisfying without fucking you. Wanna get ya back.

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