Freiwilliger: Wolfi Bichler – Riedl

Hey! I am Wolfi!

Short notes

Name: Wolfgang Bichler – Riedl

Age: 18 Years

German place of living: Seybothenreuth near Bayreuth

Characteristics: Blue Eyes, ~ 185 cm, Dark/Brown Hair

Place of Free Year: Cape Town, South Africa

Hobbies: Poetry, soccer, Mobile Phones, Piano

Fine 😉

Now about my project

The „German International School Cape Town“, is a constitution in Cape Town, where an elementary, a hostel and a German Highschool placed. The pupils of this private school are finishing school with the official German A-Level.

However, I am usually working in the afternoon care or in the elementary, right now in class 1B, where I am helping pupils learning the German language, assisting the lessons and things like that.

I am very happy that you want to read my experiences!

Last but not least, I want to tell all my friends and my family, no matter where they are living, that I am very happy for all the support. Although I hope that you are all well and happy!

Expecially, thanks to Kevin Weber who manages this blog although he does not even have a free year right now!

Have fun reading!


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  1. Luca sagt:

    Hey Wolfi,

    alles gut bei euch?
    Ich hab erstmal ein paar Tage gebraucht, bis ich einigermaßen stabiles Internet hatte und ich mich eingelebt habe. Ich denk schon,dass es hier etwas anders ist als bei euch, aber ich hab mir erzählen lassen, was für schöne Ecken es hier gibt. Das mit dem Treffen in Kapstadt geht aufjedenfall klar, wann kriegt ihr denn so frei?


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