Success is most impactful when shared. My mission is to partner with visionary technical leaders, together shaping the future through cutting-edge technology products. My focus extends beyond innovation, embracing the creation of lasting value and success for all stakeholders.

1 // Strategic Tech Leadership

Driving transformation in global corporations, I harness cutting-edge innovation strategies, agile methodologies, and advanced technology. My focus is on orchestrating solutions that redefine industry standards.

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2 // Innovation Architecture

I'm committed to shaping the tech innovation landscape with ethical, actionable strategies. This includes advocating for a future where power is distributed, transactions are secure, and users have control over their data.

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3 // PunkStrat℠

Coaching for tech founders and executives. PunkStrat℠ involves tailored strategies, leadership development, and innovation acceleration, with a unique blend of expertise and creativity. Engagement is through referral.

Past Experience

With over 12 years of experience, including 7 years in Silicon Valley, I've developed a unique skill set in innovation and challenging the status quo.

As a parter to C-level executives and a leader of teams exceeding 10 members, I've been a driving force behind innovation and operational excellence.

My contributions to open-source projects have achieved over 500,000 downloads and are essential tools in thousands of projects worldwide.

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