The most meaningful path to success in life is through helping others succeed. My business is dedicated to this pursuit, with a focus on three key areas: supporting large corporations to achieve greater success, working with founders to foster growth, and connecting ambitious individuals with promising opportunities.

1 // EA Consulting

We offer enterprise architecture consulting, providing future-ready IT strategies and process optimization at scale. Our services are offered in partnership with Accenture.

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2 // PunkStrat

We provide strategies and coaching to founders who are shaping the future. New clients are taken by referral only.

3 // Network

Our services include speaking engagements, meetups, and introductions aimed at connecting builders, crypto OGs, artists, and investors.

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Past Experience

My experience includes working with companies such as Airbnb, Twitter, Dropbox, Tesla, and Adobe, among others. My cross-functional skillset enables me to solve complex challenges that require connecting people with diverse roles and perspectives. I have also developed open-source projects that have been downloaded over 500,000 times and are used by thousands of projects every day.

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